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Berthold's Plant Finder Tool

Searching for a specific plant?  Find the perfect plants for your landscape and garden needs by searching through our extensive inventory of trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, perennials, ferns and ornamental grasses. Create your own plant list and when you're done, bring it into the store to see the fine plants you have selected! 

Use Our Plant Finder Tool

Garden Center Deliveries and Installation
Charges for bulk deliveries are made according to established zones from our nursery to the customers driveway and for up to one truckload of material.  Additional delivery charges apply for extra trips.  Mixed orders of bulk materials (sand, soil, mulches, etc.) normally require more than one delivery.  Additional charges apply for moving materials from tailgate drop-off point.  Please check with the garden center for charges to your area.

Berthold's will install any sized order of plant material.  Please contact the garden center for pricing. 

Plant materials installed by Berthold's are warranted for one year from the date of installation and for 100% of the purchase price.  Plant materials installed by the customer are warranted for one year from the date of purchase and for 50% of the purchase price.  Our warranty is null and void if the account is not paid in full upon completion.  Our warranty is for one replacement per plant and all claims must be accompanied by the receipt of purchase.  There is NO warranty on:  Annuals, Arborvitaes, Butterfly Bush, Groundcovers, Perennials, Roses. Seeds, Sod, Tropicals or Vines.

Plant Materials
Shade Trees, Evergreen Trees, Ornamental Trees, Deciduous Shrubs, Evergreen Shrubs, Roses, Tropicals, Vines, Sun Perennials, Shade Perennials, Ground Covers, Sun Annuals, Shade Annuals, Bulbs, Herbs and Vegetables.

Bulk Materials
Pulverized Topsoil, Brush Compost, Hardwood Shredded Premium, Brown and Red Mulches, Tropedo Sand, Pea Gravel, Washed Gravel, Limestone Screening, Road Gravel, Granite Cobbles, Natural Stones, Concrete Stones, Firewood, Sod, Grass Seed and Straw Bales and Rolls.

Bagged Goods
Topsoil, Potting Soil, Composts, Humus, Peat Moss, Mulches, Decorative Stones, Gravels, Sands,  Insect Controls, Fertilizers and Weed Controls.

Garden Supplies
Amendments, Fertilizers, Insect Controls, Disease Controls, Edging, Fabrics, Hoses, Sprinklers, Bird Food and Feeders, Shovels, Rakes, Pruners, Plant Stands and Pots.
Garden Decor
Birdbaths (special orders available), Fountains (special orders available),
Pots (Glazed, Terra Cotta, Plastic and Fiberglass), Statues (special orders available), Trellis' (wooden and metal), Arbors (wooden, metal and plastic), Benches (wooden, metal and concrete), Outdoor Furniture, Gazing Balls and Bird Feeders.

Garden Supplies
Plants need proper nutrition to grow, and in our garden center you will find a large variety of fertilizers specific to your needs.  Espoma's plant foods and soil amendments are made from the safest, finest, natural organic ingredients available.  Jobe's fertilizers spikes are easy to use and are plant-specific.  Osmocote's slow-release fertilizers and Miracle-Gro's Nursery Select fertilizers are always available.

From hand tools to gardening and work gloves, to watering cans and more, you will find quality tools.  Our popular nitrile-touch glove by Atlas Gloves are breathable yet durable with wonderful dexterity.  Radius tools are the most comfortable tools you will find, designed to minimize hand and wrist stress.  Check our out our plant stakes and plan supports and many other solutions to make gardening easier and more enjoyable.
Pest Control
Whether you have insects, disease or fungus destroying your plants, or weeds overtaking your lawn or flowerbeds, our garden center staff can help you find the correct solution.  Most of our products are natural, organic and earth-friendly.  Chose from products by Bonide, Espoma, Pharm Solutions, Scott's and more.  If you need help identifying a problem, bring a sample in a sealed plastic bag to show our horticulturists.

Flower and vegetable seeds are available from February through June.  Seeds for your favorite annual and perennial flowers and for unique and unusual varieties are on our colorful displays by Livingston Seed.  Many varieties of vegetables and herbs are also available.  Grass seed blends specific to our Berthold's recipes include our supreme mix, sunny mix, shady mix and perennial rye seed.

Our woven weed barrier fabric allows water to permeate yet keeps the weeds out.  Good to use for large areas, under paths, or between shrubs.  For those beginning a new lawn, our seed protector mat is individual pieces of straw woven into a light blanket, allowing moisture and sunlight through for germination but protecting from water erosion, frost and birds.
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