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Month Gardening Tip(s)
Prepare Yard for Winter Months

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Caring for Your Gardens in Cool Weather

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 August Continue Maintaining Your Yard

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July  How to Maintain Your Yard Throughout the Summer

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How to Create and Decorate with a Container Garden

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Plants Best Friends
(Some plants help others to thrive - Get the list!)

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 April Celebrate Earth Day!
Plant a Tree
Grow Your Own
Use Less Water
Start Composting
Adjust Your Water Heater

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 March Start Your Clean-Up
Start Vegetable and Flower Seeds Indoors
Check Shrubs for Damage

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February Inspect Your Houseplants
Check Trees and Shrubs
Keep Off Lawns
Work on Garden Layouts for 2014
Protect Landscape Plants

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January How to utilize old Christmas Tree
House plant maintenance
Digital Plant Pathology

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