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Bagged Goods


Topsoil. Available in 40 lbs. bags.

Potting Soil. Available in 40 lbs. and 20lbs. bags.

Organic Potting Mix. Available in 4 qt, 8 qt and 1 cubic foot bags.

Organic Planting Mix. Available in 1 cubic foot bags.

Compost. Available in 40lbs. bags.

Composted Manure. Available in 40lbs. bags.

Mushroom Compost. Available in 40lbs. bags.

Humus. Available in 40lbs. bags.

Peat Moss. Available in 1cf. bags.

Organic African Violet Mix. 4 qt. bags.

Organic Cactus Mix. 4 qt. bags.

Organic Orchid Mix. 8 qt. bags

Organic Peat Moss. 8 qt. bags.

Organic Seed Starter Mix. 8 qt bags.


Premium Shredded Hardwood. Available in 2cf. bags.

Dyed Red Shredded Hardwood. Available in 2cf. bags.

Cocoa Shell. Available in 2cf. bags.

Cypress. Available in 2cf. bags.

Northern Cedar. Available in 3cf. bags.


American Heritage. Available in .5cf. bags.

Black Lava Rock Black Lava Rock. Available in 1cf bags.

Grey Slate Grey Slate. Available in .5cf bags.

Meramec. Available in .5cf. bags.

Red Lava Rock. Available in 1cf. bags.

Western Sunset. Available in .5cf. bags.

White Marble. Available in .5cf. bags.

Pea Gravel. Available in .5cf. bags.

Limestone Screening. Available in 50lbs. bags.


Play Sand. Available in .5cf. bags


Bone Meal (4-12-0) 4.5lbs. bags

Bulb Tone (4-10-6) 4lbs. bags 

Dried Blood (12-0-0) 3.5lbs. bags

Espoma Lawn Food (18-0-3)20lbs. bags

Flower Tone (3-5-7) 4lbs. bags

Garden Gypsum 5lbs. and 40lbs. bags

Gypsum Plus 30lbs. bags

Garden Iron 4lbs. bags

Garden Lime 5lbs. bags

Garden Sulfur 5lbs. bags

Garden Tone (4-6-6) 4lbs. bags

Holly Tone (4-6-4) 4lbs. bags

Milorganite (6-2-0) 36lbs. bags

Organic Perlite. 8 qt. bags.

Plant Tone (5-3-3) 4lbs. bags

Rose Tone (6-6-4) 4lbs. bags

Soil Perfector 27lbs. bags

Tomato Tone (4-7-10) 4lbs. bags

Tree Tone (9-5-4) 4lbs. bags

Urea (45-0-0) 5lbs. bags

Organic Vermiculite. 8 qt. bags.


Grub Ex Seasonal Long Grub Control 20lbs. bags

Milky Spores Grub Control 20lbs. bags

Sevin Insect Control 5lbs. bags


Preen Weed Preventer 32lbs. bags

Scott’s Turf Builder Plus (28-1-4) 14lbs.

Scott’s Step 1 Crabgrass Preventer and Fertilizer (32-3-8)

Scott’s Step 2 Weed Control and Fertilizer (29-3-3)

Scott’s Step 3 Insect Control and Fertilizer (29-3-4)

Scott’s Step 4 Lawn Fertilizer (31-3-10)

Scott’s Turf Builder Winterguard. (24-2-12) 16lbs.


Infuse Systemic Disease Control.