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Deliveries, Installation & Warranty


Charges for tailgate deliveries are made according to established zones from our nursery to the customers driveway and for up to one truckload of material. Additional delivery charges apply for extra trips. Mixed orders of bulk materials (sand, soil, mulches, etc.) normally require more than one delivery. Additional charges apply for moving materials form tailgate drop-off point. Please check with the garden center for charges to your area.


Labor for planting most nursery stock is charged at a rate of 60% of the original cost of the the material. There is a $100.00 minimum planting charge.


Plants installed by our crews are fully warranted for two years from the date of installation. Plants installed by the customer are warranted for one year to the extent of 1/2 the purchase price from the date of purchase. Our warranty is null and void if account is not paid in full upon completion. Perennials, roses, vines & ground covers are warranted through November 1st of the year of purchase. There is NO warranty on: annuals,  indoor plants, seed, sod or tropical plants. All claims must be accompanied by a receipt of purchase.