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Anise - Loftiest of licorices, anise imparts a refined and consistent flavor to eggs, stuffed fruit, cheese, salad and pastries. Sun.

Arugula - Oval shaped foliage with an exquisite buttery, peppered flavor with a roasted nut aftertaste. Excellent for salad and soups. Sun to part shade.

Basil - Favorite herb of garden and kitchen. Use in flavoring eggs, cheese, fish, meats, salads and pasta dishes. Sun.

Basil (Genovese)

Basil (Pesto Perpetuo)

Basil (Purple Ruffles)

Catnip -

Chamomile - One of the worlds best loved herbs. Used in teas, potpourris and dried flower arrangements. Sun to part shade.

Chive - Used widely in cooking. Flowers also used in salads and as garnishes. Sun.

Cilantro (Coriander) - Bold tasting combination of parsley and citrus-like flavors. Used in marinades and salads. Sun.

Dill - Dominant and well rounded tang. Used in salads, vegetables, fish dishes, soups and sauces. Can be dried or used fresh. Simple to grow, looks great in herb garden. Sun.

Lavender (Hidcote Blue) (Spanish) - Used since the middle ages in medicines, cosmetics, as an ornamental and aromatic. Sun.

Lemon Balm

Mint (Spearmint Kentucky Colonel) - Much stronger flavored than common spearmint. Excellent for salads, candies and minty additions to tea and other beverages. A great plant for gardens and containers. Sun to part shade.

Mint (Applemint) - Vigorous growing, fuzzy leaved variety with a heavy scent of apples. Excellent garnish or flavoring to salads or fruit desserts. Sun to part shade.

Mint (Peppermint)

Oregano - Is a versatile herb used in numerous dishes ranging from breads to meat sauces. Vital in the kitchen but also ornamental in the garden. Sun.

Oregano (Common)

Oregano (Greek)

Oregano (Italian)

Parsley (Curly Leaf) - Is mainly used as a garnish but also for flavoring eggs, meats, poultry, salads, sauces and marinades. Hing in vitamin A, C and calcium. Sun.

Parsley (Italian) - Much more flavorful than curly parsley, therefore enhancing most any food preparations. Especially tasty in Italian and Middles Eastern dishes. Sun.

Rosemary (Common) - Somewhat piney, mint-like pungent flavor combines well with poultry, fish, lamb and pork dishes. Enhances vegetables and potato recipes. Soups, marinades and salad dressings can be made with rosemary. Both leaves and flowers can be used in cooking. Sun.

Sage (Common) - Lemony, camphor like and pleasantly bitter. Young leaves are eaten fresh in salads, cooked in soups, yeast breads nad rolls, poultry stuffing, sausages and meat pies. Sun.

Stevia - Herbal alternatives to sugar. Leaves from this bushy shrub can be used to sweeten a variety of foods and beverages. Grows to 2′. Sun.

Thyme (Common) - Tastes delicately green with faint clove aftertaste. It ranks as one of the 5 herbs of French cuisine. Leaves and sprigs are used in salads, soups and chowders, veal, lamb, beef and poultry. Works well in stuffing and pates. Sun.

Tarragon (French) - Key ingredient in sauces and French dressings. Tarragon enhances fish, shellfish, vegetables, pork, beef, lamb and game. Can be used fresh or dried. Sun to part shade.