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Shade Annuals

We carry a large variety of annuals, including: 48-cell pack flats, 4.5″ Proven Winners, 4.5″ and 6″ annuals, 10″ up to 24″ hanging baskets, 9″ up to 30″ upright combo pots and “Pop, Drop and Grow” planters which you simply peel off the bottom of the container and place it on top of the soil. NO DIGGING!

We are a Proven Winners certified garden center!

Here is a list on the shade annuals we carry in 48-cell flats:







Here is a list of sun annuals we carry by “Proven Winners” in 4.5″ pots.

*Click on the above picture for more information on Proven Winners annuals.

Bacopa: Giant Snowflake, Snowstorm Blue and Pink

Begonia: Non Stop: Mocca Mix, Deep Red, Bright Rose, Yellow, White and Fire

Coleus: Colorblaze Dark Star, Dipt in Wine, Kingwood Torch, Lifelime, Sedona, Amora, Chocolate Drop, Fishnet Stockings, Limon Blush, Merlins Magic, Pink Chaos and Religious Radish

Fuschia: Shadow Dancer Betty, Marcia and Rosella

Heuchera: Dolce Blackcurrant, Key Lime Pie, Licorice and Peach Melba

Impatiens: Double: Rockapulco Orchid, Purple and Red

Lobelia: Laguna Compact Blue with Eye, Heavenly Lilac, Sky Blue and White

Lysimachia: Goldilocks and Walkabout Sunset

New Guinea Impatiens: Infinity Blushing Lilac, Orange, Pink Kiss, Red and White

Torenia: Catalina Blue, Midnight Blue, Pink, White and Linen

Vinca: Wojos Jem