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Sun Annuals

We carry a large variety of annuals, including: 48-cell pack flats, 4.5″ Proven Winners, 4.5″ and 6″ annuals, 10″ up to 24″ hanging baskets, 9″ up to 30″ upright combo pots and “Pop, Drop and Grow” planters which you simply peel off the bottom of the container and place it on top of the soil. NO DIGGING!

We are a Proven Winners certified garden center!

Here is a list on the sun annuals we carry in 48-cell flats:

Alysum: pink, purple and white

Aster: mixed colors

Celosia: mixed, red and yellow

Cosmos: lavender, mixed and white

Dusty Miller:

Dianthus: mixed and Raspberry

Gazania: Kiss mix

Marigold: Durango yellow and orange, Safari yellow, orange and mix

Nicotiana: mixed and red

Petunia: pink, red, white, blue, silver, yellow, 2-tone, red/white and purple/white

Phlox: mixed

Portulaca: Sundial mix

Salvia: blue, red and purple

Snapdragon: Dwarf mix and Rocket mix

Verbena: red, peach and mixed

Vinca: pink, rose, purple and mixed

Zinnia: orange, white, hot pink and mixed

Here is a list of sun annuals by “Proven Winners” in 4.5″ pots.

*Click on the above picture for more information on Proven Winners annuals.

Ageratum: Artist Blue, purple and rose

Angelonia: Angel face Blue, pink, Wedgewood Blue and white

Argyranthemum: Butterfly, Vanilla Butterfly, Molimba Helio White, Molimba Pink

Bidens: Solaire Yellow

Brachyscome: Sundaze Flame and Golden Beauty

Calibrachoa: Superbells Blue, Cherry Blossom, Cherry Red, Coral, Dreamsicle, Lavender, Peach, Pink, Plum, Red, Saffron, Scarlet, Tequila Sunrise, Tickled Pink, White, Yellow and Yellow Chiffon

Cleome: Senorita Rosalita

Colocasia: Illustris

Cuphea: Totally Tempted

Dahlia: Dalina Midi Fiji, Sumatra and Mariana

Dianthus: Cinnamon Red Hots

Diascia: Flying Colors Coral, Red, Antique Rose

Euphorbia: Diamond Frost

Grasses: Carex Toffee twist, Cypress Baby Tut, Juncus Quartz Creek, Purple Fountain Grass, Fiber Optic Grass, Juncus Spiralis, Mexican Feather Grass and Juncus Blue Arrows.

Helichrysum: Lemon Licorice, Licorice Splash, Petite Licorice and White Licorice

Ipomoea: Blackie, Margarita and Tricolor

Lantana: Patriot Desert Sunset, Dove Wings and Deen Day Smith

Lobularia: Snow Princess

Nemesia: Bluebird, Compact Innocence, Compact Pink Innocence, Opal Innocence, Sunsatia Coconut, Cranberry, Lemon, Mango and Raspberry

Osteospermum: Soprano Compact Purple, Light Purple, White Lemon Symphany, Melon Symphany, Orange Symphany, Peach Symphany and Vanilla Symphany

Oxalis: Charmed Jade, Velvet, Wine and Zinfindel

Pentas: Butterfly Deep Pink, Red and White

Pentunia Supertunia: Burmuda Beach, Bordeaux, Citrus, Cotton Candy, Giant Pink, Raspberry Blast, Red, Royal Magenta, Royal Velvet, White and Double-Priocilla

Pentunia Supertunia Mini: Blue Veined, Strawberry Pink Veined and Silver

Phlox: Intensia Cabernet, Lavender Glow and Pink

Plectranthus: Cerveza Lime

Sanvitalia: Sunbini

Scaevola: New Wonder and Whirlwind White

Verbena: Babylon Carpet Blue, Deep Pink, Light Blue, Neon Rose and Red

Here are the sun annuals we carry in 4.5″ and 6″ pots.

Zonal Geraniums:

6″ Rocky Mountain Dark Red, Pink, Orange, Salmon, Violet and White.

4.5″ Americana Cranberry Red, Pink Mega Splash and White.

4.5″ Tango Bravo, Montevideo and Orange.

4.5″ Eclipse Dark Red, Velvet Red and Violet.

Regal Geraniums: Solstice Purple, Red, Deep Lilac and Salmon.


Dracaena Spikes

Asparagus Fern

Variegated Vinca Vine