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Shade Trees

Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’

Autumn Blaze Maple

A cross between the silver and red maples, with the best qualities of both. Brilliant crimson fall color. Dense oval-rounded habit. 50ft x 40ft. Sizes: 7gl, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 5″

Acer x freemanii ‘Marmo’

Marmo Freeman Maple

A Morton Arboretum selection. Medium to fast growing Maple with oval to vase shaped habit. Seedless. Great orange-red fall color. 60ft x 40ft. Sizes: 2.5″, 3″,3.5″

Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’

Crimson King Norway Maple

Deep reddish purple foliage is retained until leaves drop in fall. A moderate to slow grower whose habit is rounded. 40ft x 35ft. Sizes: 7gl, 2″,2.5″

Acer platanoides ‘Superform’

Superform Norway Maple

A rapid growing broadly oval to rounded tree with heavy dark green foliage. Yellow fall color. 50ft x 45ft. Sizes: 3.5″, 4″

Acer platanoides ‘Royal Red’

Royal Red Norway Maple

Foliage is large, glossy and bright rich red throughout the season, turning yellowish-brown in fall. Dense, broad-oval habit. 35ft x 25ft. Sizes: 2″

Acer platanoides ‘Emerald Lustre’ Pond

Emerald Lustre Norway Maple

An upright rounded form, green summer foliage turning yellow in fall. 45ft x 40ft.

Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’

Red Sunset Red Maple

Outstanding variety with its upright, dense branching habit. Bright green foliage in summer turning to a long lasting, brilliant red-orange in fall. 50ft x 40ft. Sizes: 7gl, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″

Alnus glutinosa

European Black Alder

A vigorous grower with dark green foliage that remains late in season. Very adaptable to wet soil conditions. Oval to oblong habit. Multi-stemmed. 40ft x 25ft. Sizes: 6′, 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′, 12′

Betula nigra

River Birch

Broadly pyramidal and oval in growth habit. Has light green foliage in summer and yellow fall color. Tan to creamy white exfoliating bark. Tolerates wet, poorly drained soils. Resistant to Bronze Birch Borer. Multi-stemmed. 45ft x 30ft. Sizes: 7gl, 12′, 14′, 16′

Betula populifolia ‘Whitespire’

Whitespire Birch

A loosely pyramidal-shaped tree with glossy dark green foliage and pure white bark. Good resistance to Bronze Birch Borer. Multi-stemmed. 30ft x 20ft. Sizes: 8′, 10′

Betula ‘Crimson Frost’

Crimson Frost Birch

Leaves are deep crimson and glassy spring to fall, with crimson to orange-red fall color. Cinnamon toned bark that exfoliates. 30ft. x 20ft. Sizes: 10′

Carpinus caroliniani

American Hornbeam

Dense, rounded habit. Smooth bluish-grey bark. Good red fall color. 25ft. x 25ft. Available sizes: 2″

Celtis occidentalis

Common Hackberry

Moderate to rapid grower characterized by a straight trunk and spreading habit. Light yellow fall color. 50ft. x 40ft. Available sizes: 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″

Ginkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’

Autumn Gold Ginkgo

A narrow, pyramidal grower. Fan-shaped leaves emerge light green, turning darker green in summer and then a spectacular bright yellow in fall. 50ft. x 30ft. Available size: 2″

Gleditsia triacanthis var. inermis ‘Skycole’

Skyline Honeylocust

A pyramidal form with a strong trunk. Branches form strong crotches. Foliage is gark green, leathery and uniform. Yellow fall color. 50ft. x 35ft. Available sizes: 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″

Quercus bicolor

Swapm White Oak

Broad, open round-topped crown. Lustrous dark green leaves with whitish undersides. Fall color ranges from yellowish-brown to red. Leaves persist into the winter. 1″ acorns. 50ft. x 40ft. 2.5″ 3″

Quercus macrocarpa

Burr Oak

Oval when young becoming broad with massive trunk. Lustrous dark green foliage, turning yellow-green to yellow-brown in fall. 3/4″ acorns. 70ft. x 70ft. 2.5″ 3″

Quercus rubra

Red Oak

Symmetrical tree with a broad oval head. Foliage is lustrous dark green changing to dark red in fall. Acorns are 1″. 60ft. x 55ft. 2.5″ 3″

Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’

Greenspire Linen

Oval form with straight trunk. Yellow flowers. Dark green leaves turning yellow in the fall. 40ft. x 30ft.  2″, 2.5″ 3″

Ulmus carpinifolia ‘Accolade’

Accolae Elm

Glossy dark green foliage, rich golden yellow fall color. Very good Dutch Elm resistance. 60ft. x 45ft. Sizes: 3″, 3.5″ 4″

Ulmus carpinifolia ‘Pioneer’

Pioneer Elm

Globe-shaped to round crown, large dark green leaves with empire yellow fall color. Dense canopy. 55ft. x 50ft. Sizes: 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″

Ulmus carpinifolia ‘Triumph’

Triumph Elm

Lustrous dark green foliage, a good upright form, strong branching and excellent disease resistance. 60ft. x 40ft. Sizes: 2″, 2.5″, 3″