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Campsis ‘Flamenco’

Flamenco Trumpet Vine

Orange flowers. 1gl

Campsis ‘Flava’

Flava Trumpet Vine

Yellow flowers. 1gl

Campsis ‘Radicans’

Radicans Trumpet Vine

flowers. 1gl

Clematis ‘Arabella’

Arabella Celmatis

Blueish flowers. 1gl

Clematis ‘Bee’s Jubilee’

Bee’s Jubilee Clematis

Whitish flowers with pinkish centers. 1gl

Clematis ‘Ernest Markham’

Ernest Markham Clematis

Deep red flowers. 1gl

Jackmans ClematisClematis ‘Jackmanii’

Jackman’s Clematis

Flowers on new wood in spring. Purple Flowers. Likes warm top and cool roots. 12ft. tall. 1gl

Clematis ‘Moonlight’

Moonlight Clematis

Whitish yellow flowers. 1gl

Sweet Autumn ClematisClematis terniflora

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Prolific bloomer with small fragrant star-shaped flowers. Blooms on previous years growth in September. White flowers. 15ft tall. 1gl

Climbing HydrangeaHydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris

Climbing Hydrangea

White flowers. Exfoliating bark. Slow to start but vigorous once roots established. 25ft. tall. 3gl

Dropmore Scarlet Trumpet HoneysuckleLonicera x brownie ‘Dropmore Scarlet’

Dropmore Scarlet Trumpet Honeysuckle

Long summer blooming season of showy tubular scarlet flower clusters. Blue-green foliage. 15ft. tall. 1gl

Boston IvyParthenocissus tricuspidata

Boston Ivy

Foliage is glossy green changing to scarlet in the fall. Blue-black fruit persists through winter. 30ft. tall. 1gl