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How Does It Work?
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Plant List Help

What's a plant list? It's only the greatest tool ever invented for gardeners and home landscapers - choosing the right plants for your landscape and gardens has never been easier!

This handy feature lets you search through the extensive selection of plants that we typically carry each year, select the ones you want, and build a plant list from your selections! You can add plants to your list, remove them, even set quantities for your personal landscaping needs. And once you're done, you can print out your list and bring it to the store - our friendly staff will be happy to confirm that the plants are in stock, provide you with prices, even take you out to see the very plants you have selected!

How Does It Work?

The plant list feature is really easy to use! You add plants to your personal list by clicking the "Plant List" checkbox for any plants in your search results. Don't worry about having to set up your own list; it is automatically created when the first plant is added to your list. You can also add or remove a plant from its corresponding plant information page, too; check it to add it your list, and uncheck it to remove it. To view your plant list, click on the link at the top of every page that says "View My Plant List". Here you can review the selections in your list, and remove any that you are no longer interested in by simply de-selecting the checkbox next to each. You can also view the corresponding plant information page by clicking on the plant name, just like on the results pages.

You can keep track of the quantities for each plant called for in your landscape or garden plan by typing in the correct number and then clicking on the "Update My Plant List" link at the bottom of the page. If you've removed plants or changed quantities and are ready to refresh your list, just click on this link to update your plant list information and refresh your view. And once your search is finished and your plant list is complete, simply print it out on your home printer and bring it into the store; we'll help you find the plants, give you prices, and even help you to load your new treasures into your vehicle!

System Requirements;

To use the plant list feature, your computer must have the following enabled;

  • permanent "Cookies"
  • JavaScript

Why must "cookies" be enabled on your browser? This feature stores your personal plant list information on your computer in what's known as a "cookie". This is nothing more than a small text file that's kept on your computer which contains the identifier and quantity for each of the various plants in your list. Each time you access your plant list, your computer reads the current list from your "cookie". When you make changes, it records them on your "cookie".

But maybe you've heard that "cookies" can be bad, and so you've disabled them? You needn't worry - these "cookies" are quite dumb, and only contain basic information about the plants you have selected. Besides, "cookies" are entirely safe as long as your computer isn't set to accept "third party cookies".

What about JavaScript? This is used to add and subtract plants from your list - without it enabled, it would be impossible to know which plants you want! JavaScript is also very safe - in fact most major banks and storefront websites with "shopping carts" require you to have it enabled, too!

If these two features are not enabled on your computer, the plant list feature will not work!

How Do I Print My Plant List?

That's easy! At the bottom right of your plant list page, you'll see a link which says "Print My Plant List". Once your plant list is complete and you are satisfied with all your plant selections and the respective quantities, simply click on this link to go to a page that has been specially formatted for printing. Note that you can't make any changes from this special print page - you'll have to come back to your plant list page to make your changes, then click on the print link once again.

The print page is generated in "PDF" format. This makes it easy to print, and easy to save on your computer as well. In order for this to work, though, you'll have to have a "PDF Reader" installed on your computer, for example Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have this installed on your computer, click here to download it now.

How Do I Save My Plant List?

You don't actually have to "save" anything - your plant list is automatically stored on your computer and all changes you make are instantly recorded. The next time you go to our website and use the plant list, it will still be there! Note that your plant list is automatically deleted from your computer if you don't use or access it for over 90 days.

However, you can save a completed plant list to your computer as a "PDF" document. Just click on the link that says "Print My Plant List", which will bring up the PDF document. The default PDF Reader program on your browser (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) should allow you to save this document to your computer. Note that you can't make changes to this plant list document once it's been saved to your computer; you'll have to come back to your actual plant list on our web page to add or remove plants or to set quantities.

Something Is Wrong With My Plant List!

Let's see what we can do to help you! Here are a few common problems you might encounter, along with suggestions for resolution;

I can't seem to create a plants list!

  • Do you have JavaScript enabled on your computer? It is required to use this feature.
  • Do you have "permanent cookies" enabled on your computer? They are required to use this feature.

My list is gone!

  • Have you cleared "cookies" from your computer since the last time you viewed your plant list? Your plant list information is stored on your computer using cookies; when you clear or delete the cookies from your computer, you delete your plant list as well!
  • Are you using a different computer? To protect your privacy, your plant list is only stored on the specific computer from which you made your selections.
  • Your previous plant list may have expired - for security reasons, it will only remain on your computer for 90 days from the last change you made.

My plant quantities are not being stored!

  • Make sure you click on the "Update My Plant List" link to record any changes you've made to your personal list before exiting the page.

I can't seem to print my plant list!

  • Do you have a PDF reader program installed on your computer, for example Adobe Acrobat Reader? If not, click here to download it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

>> How do I create a new plant list?

You don't have to do anything! Plant lists are automatically created whenever you add your first plant to your plant list.

>> How do I clear an existing plant list?

There are two ways. You can either go into your plant list and "uncheck" all of the plants on your existing list. Or, clearing "cookies" from your web browser will delete your existing plant list.

>> Can I have more than one plant list at a time?

No. Your plant list is automatically stored on your own computer as a "cookie", and only one list can be stored on each computer.

>> Can I save my plant list to my computer?

Your plant list is automatically saved to your computer as a "cookie" every time you add a plant or make changes. You can also force it to save the latest settings by clicking on the link "Update My Plant List" at the bottom of your plant list page, but this shouldn't be necessary. To save a hard copy of your plant list, click on the link "Print My Plant List" at the bottom of your plant list page, and then select "Save As" in the PDF window. This will save a hard copy of your plant list which you can then print out.

>> How can I send my plant list to you?

The easiest way is to print out your list and bring it into the store. We can then show you the plants, give you pricing, check availabilities or fill out your order.

>> How can I obtain prices and availabilities for the plants on my list?

If you print out your list and bring it into the store, we'd be glad to give you current pricing and check the availability of all the plants on your list.

>> Are all the plants on my list in stock?

Not necessarily. This tool is an informational resource that covers many of the plants we typically carry each year, but there's no guarantee they will be in stock at any given time. We normally try to enter most of the plants we will be carrying for the coming season each spring. However, because of substitutions, shortages and our regular sales cycle, plants may or may not be available at the time you're using this resource. It's best to contact the store for individual plant availability once you've found specific plants you wish to purchase.